Bluedrake42 censoring criticism of operation: harsh doorstop’s license

Bluedrake42 censoring  criticism of operation: harsh doorstop’s license

This review was posted outlining some of the concerns with the EULA for the OHD core mod kit, which people should know about as the way bluedrake42 frames this game is very misleading to his Patreon supporters when he has a license like this that isn’t much better than the mainstream games he is criticizing.

The review was archived here, go and read it there, also read the EULA as mentioned for yourself to see the problems with the license.

Unfortunately, instead of addressing this concern the review was censored. I reposted it again, as can be seen here

However, again, it was quickly censored, making it seem that they have no intent on addressing this issue or even allowing modders and patreons to be made aware of it, which they should as bluedrake42’s rhetoric is very misleading when combined with this license.

I really like the stated goals of bluedrake42’s project with operation: harsh doorstop. However, this type of license will limit the potential of the project and allow the possibility for this project to be exploited for extra profit at the cost of the game. Bluedrake is encouraging his audience to want a simple game that they can mod and make spinoffs easy and not have to think about all this license stuff, but unfortunately this is not possible with this license and it could become very problematic later on, so it MUST be addressed NOW rather than later after modders have put extensive time and resources into the project.

I want this project to succeed, but it needs to be done right, and bluedrake needs to be pressured into knowing that it is wrong to act like this and listen to legitimate criticism of the project. Spread this around, make sure people know and hold bluedrake accountable to this.

Bluedrake, please re evaluate your position on the license and censorship, if you stop censorship of legitimate criticism and fix the issues with the license I will happily delete this website, forgive you and embrace your project.

If anyone would like to email me and has any questions you can do so at

In the meantime, there will be more posts to this blog, so bookmark it!

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